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RAC Workload Management
Originally presented at Hostos Symposium
Alex Gorbachev
Table of Contents
Why Workload Management ?
Programming languages
Connection establishing basics
  Client side connection load balancing
Oracle Cluster Services
  Online orders processing example
  Preferred vs. available instances
  Node affinity
  Server-side FAN callouts
  Services and Resource Manager
  Services abstraction for applications
Server-side connection load balancing
  Server-side CLB without services
  Server-side CLB with services
  Bug 5593693 using db_domain
  Nodes with different capacity
Fast Application Notifications
  HA Events
  Load Balancing Advisory events
Run-time load balancing on the client-side
  RLB with JDBC Implicit Connection Cache
  Debugging JDBC run-time load balancing on the client
  Oracle Notifications Client - ONC
Make your own LBA
Final thoughts

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Uploaded Author Name
11-SEP-08 Alex Gorbachev RAC Connection Management webcast slides
Scalability, high availability, manageability
- if at least one of those concerns you then
connection management must be taken very
seriously just as "Location! Location! Location!"
in real-estate business.
During the presentation we will review the
most important aspects of connection management
such as client and server-side load balancing,
connection failover techniques and real-time
load balancing advisory.
We will consider different application environments
and languages and specifics of connection management
in each environment.

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