Best Practice Workshop with Mike Dietrichに行ってみたい

OTN Oracle Database UpgradeFree! Oracle 11g Release 2 Upgrade Workshopsをクリックすると…

 * Upgrade Preparation
  Support Policies, Patches, Documentation, Upgrade Paths
 * Database Upgrade
  DBUA, Command Line, Post Upgrade, Alternatives, ASM Upgrade
 * News
  Parameters, Processes, Changes, Tools, Automation
 * Diagnosis and Tuning
  Object statistics, AWR, ASH, SQL Monitoring and Tuning
 * Performance Evaluation
  SQL Plan Management, SQL Performance Analyzer, Database Replay
 * Real World Customer Experiences
  Insight view into 3 upgrade projects
  o 400 databases from 9i to 11g
  o From 9i SI to 11g RAC
  o From 10.2 to 11g with 50 DWHs

The workshop will be given by the Upgrade Development Group: Carol Tagliaferri, Roy Swonger and Mike Dietrich.

こんな感じの Oracle Database 11g リリース2(11.2)に対応した Upgrade Workshopが各地で行われているようです。