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Owner/Repository name Description or a few line of README Last Updated
sKwa/vertica Extensions and utilities for HP Vertica Analytic RDBMS 2015/2/7
vertica/DistributedR Distributed R is a scalable high-performance platform for the R language. It enables and accelerates large scale machine learning, statistical analysis, and graph processing. 2015/2/5
wvanbergen/node-vertica Pure javascript Vertica database client. Except it is written in CoffeeScript. 2015/2/4
tkuhlman/vertica-swift-backup Scripts to backup/restore Vertica to OpenStack Swift 2015/1/29
Appdynamics/vertica-monitoring-extension Vertica DB Monitoring Extension 2015/1/22
NorbertKrupa/vertica-kit Vertica Kit 2015/1/12
uber/vertica-python vertica-python is a native Python adapter for the Vertica ( database. 2015/1/10
VoltDB/vertica-udxloader vertica-udxloader 2015/1/5
tfhartmann/terraform-vertica Build an Example Vertica Cluster (Work in Progress) 2015/1/1
verticamon/vertica-integration-test Support for integration tests that run against real Vertica database 2014/12/4
wvanbergen/vertica Ruby adapter for Vertica databases 2014/12/4
eliangcs/vertica-vagrant Vertica, Vagrant, and Ubuntu 14.04 2014/11/26
civitaspo/jdbc-vertica Jdbc::Vertica Basic library for jdbc vertica. 2014/11/16
rutube/django_vertica_backend Django Vertica Backend A proof-of-concept for connecting Django ORM to HP Vertica database. 2014/11/13
keygenqt/yii2-vertica Vertica Query and ActiveRecord for Yii 2 2014/11/13
bluelabsio/docker-vertica Dockerfile to build image of Vertica Community Edition. 2014/11/6
vertica/Place HP Vertica Place 2014/11/5
semberal/vertica-vagrant Ansible playbooks for the Vertica database running in VirtualBox using Vagrant 2014/11/2
vojtarylko/RL-3624 Load data to PostgreSQL and Vertica 2014/10/24
TonyWu/DataImport2Vertica 2014/10/21
failattu/VerticaNode Playing with HP vertica drivers with Node.js 2014/10/19
imarchenko/vertica HP Vertica Related Projects 2014/10/14
theory/sqitch-vertica-intro A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on Vertica 2014/9/6
azvoleff/vertica_hack2014 Code for testing setup for Hackathon at 2014 HP Big Data Conference 2014/8/12
anishek/vertica vertica issues 2014/8/11
vertica/Vertica-Hadoop-Connector Vertica Hadoop Connector 2014/7/30
tkuhlman/cookbooks-vertica Mon vertica cookbook 2014/7/30
jbfavre/python-vertica vertica-python Debian packaging for Vertica client python module 2014/7/17
ankit-rakha/flaming-octo-wight Vertica to neo4j Data loader 2014/7/5
chEbba/dbal-vertica-driver Doctrine DBAL driver for Vertica 2014/6/23
attune-api/vertica-export Transforms the results of a Vertica SQL query into JSON 2014/6/3
spektom/vertica-utilities Useful Vertica DB functions 2014/5/29
cohenjo/liquibase-vertica Liquibase extension to add improved Vertica support 2014/4/27
loopback2020/NHibernate.Vertica Vertica 7 Driver for Nhibernate 2014/4/15
saswata000/Vertica-Database Useful scripts for Vertica Database 2014/4/13
shutterstock/vertica-cli Command-line Vertica client in Node.js 2014/3/13
nnani/Vertica Repo for all the Vertica receipes 2014/3/9
qubell-bazaar/component-vertica HP Vertica 2014/3/7
jamescasbon/vertica-sqlalchemy vertica dialect for sqlalchemy 2014/2/27
vertica/Vertica-Extension-Packages User Defined Extensions to the Vertica Analytic Database 2014/2/27
manygrams/insertica A simple tool to insert data into Vertica. 2014/2/26
tyro89/fluent-plugin-vertica Fluentd output plugin for Vertica 2014/2/9
brianstien/activerecord-import-vertica A Vertica extension for activerecord-import. 2014/1/16
brianstien/geokit-rails-vertica Geokit::Rails::Vertica A vertica adapter for geokit-rails. 2014/1/4
r0man/vertica-el Vertica SQL mode extension for Emacs 2013/12/18
wvanbergen/vertigo Go client for Vertica anayltics database 2013/10/10
Babazka/vertica_approx_distinct Linear probabilistic counter as aggregate UDF to estimate COUNT(DISTINCT x) 2013/9/14
joshvarner/vertex Vertica Explorer by InterWorks 2013/9/4
okl/varstar Vertica + R makes you a Star! 2013/8/17
kevinychen/fast-sheet Vertica AMI Demo 2013/8/3
joshvarner/vertica-scripts Random Vertica-related scripts (monitoring, tools) 2013/7/23
michalklos/aws-vertica Python script using Fabric and Boto to manage deploy of a Vertica cluster into AWS. 2013/6/7
chimpler/blog-mysql-vertica-mongodb-impala Comparing MySQL, Vertica, MongoDB and Impala 2013/5/12
evrone/activerecord-vertica-adapter ActiveRecord adapter for Vertica database based on pg adapter 2013/5/3
lacyrhoades/VerticaJDK5 Processing Vertica Library 2013/4/25
spadidar/vertica_adapter Vertica Adapter for Activerecord 2013/4/6
wvanbergen/newrelic-vertica Enable SQL monitoring in NewRelic RPM for the Vertica driver 2013/3/25
rbanuelos/optimizador-sqlvertica En este proyecto se pondrán a prueba las diferentes alternativas sql para el motor de consultas de Vertica 2013/2/27
mattcasters/VerticaBulkLoader Kettle Vertica bulk loader 2013/2/19
christophermanning/activerecord-vertica-adapter It's an ActiveRecord adapter... for Vertica. 2013/2/15
golann/Vertica-code TWINGO 2012/8/28
RedBrainLabs/vsql_parser Treetop parser for vertica-flavored SELECT SQL queries. Should support postgres queries too, since their syntax appears to be identical. 2012/8/4
landonia/vertica-cli A simple CLI for connecting to a Vertica DB using their JDBC driver. 2012/5/31
pgroudas/activerecord-vertica-adapter This is an ActiveRecord adapter for Vertica extracted from the activerecord-jdbc-adapter project. 2012/3/7
vertica/Graph-Analytics----Triangle-Counting Use Big data tools such as Vertica, Hadoop and PIG to count triangles in a graph. Experimentally compare their performance. 2011/11/3
alamb/Vertica-Emacs-vsql VSQL specialization for emacs SQL mode 2011/11/3
ptoole/hadoop-sqoop-vertica Vertica Manager for Hadoop Sqoop 2011/10/17
cuerty/pyvertica Modified version of the psycopg2 library that can connect to Vertica Analytics. 2011/9/7